Don’t Bank On It!

australian_money_cartoon_-_google_searchI did something different today.

I actually physically went into a bank.

You have to know that I’m an online rather than in line kinda gal. I don’t have the patience for standing in line and waiting for the next available rep. And I just can’t understand why so many people still prefer to go into the bank clutching their pass books to perform simple transactions.

Okay, I may buy the argument that they don’t have or know how to use a computer, but I’m sure they have a phone and most could figure out how to use it for telephone banking.

Yet, every day, I see lineups of people young and old waiting to get into the bank when it finally decides to open at 9:30 am.

Some people claim that internet banking and telephone banking are just too unsafe. Yet. today I saw a gentleman, maybe 10 years older than me, bring in his $8K cash deposit in $50s in a plastic grocery bag, and another woman, admittedly much older, leave with 15 $100 bills tucked into her wallet that was then stuck into her handbag which she neglected to even zip up.

I had a rare transaction that had to be done in the branch – I tried first to do it online, and then called the contact centre, but was told it had to be done in the branch. So in I went. Even then, they couldn’t do it electronically. They had to print my old statements, so I now have to re-enter the information that I need from these paper copies. Astounding!

It is 2017, right?

I’m wondering when these people and these processes will actually get with the times.

From what I witnessed today, I’m not banking on any time soon!



One thought on “Don’t Bank On It!

  1. There are some things, like forex when you need to pick up actual foreign currency and business cheque deposits, that you can’t do online. I like the staff in my bank and enjoy the face to face interaction. It kinda sounds like you are getting a bit set in your ways and a little judgmental when it comes to those who prefer to use the branch. Maybe there’s a good reason for their old school banking preference. As long as the wait time is reasonable, as in less than 5 minutes, I don’t mind at all. JMHO.

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