Little Bay, Big Day

Little Bay Beach, great friends, good weather and the snorkel gear were all the ingredients I needed to create today’s DID.

I have definitely snorkelled more than a few times, but I hadn’t yet this summer and I had never done it at Little Bay.

What fun!

Mick chose the spot and Chris and I met him and Brenda there at 9 am. We scored a great parking spot and a fab piece of rock to call our own, sitting under the shade of the huge rock overhang that adds to this place’s rugged appeal.

We all donned our gear and eased our way into the refreshing bay to explore this underwater playground.

It wasn’t long before we were welcomed in by the locals. There were lots of different types of fish to be seen as we swam along the outcropping of rocks. There were a few types of yellow and black striped ones, little tiny black and silver ones travelling in schools, bigger multicoloured ones, tiny blue and red ones, and even a large sand ray scurrying along the sandy floor. leaving clouds in its path.

Many of them were playing a never-ending game of hide-and-seek, but many were less shy and swam right along with us.

It was a wonderful morning spent doing something different. No computers, no sleeping in, no brunch, no housework, just lots of fun enjoying the great natural beauty this country has on offer.

Here are some of the better photos from our Sunday morning at Little Bay Beach


It was humbling to be among so many beautiful creatures.

burgsAll this swimming sure had us all working up an appetite, so afterwards we all went for lunch. The choice was either burgers or fish and chips.

Given the new friends we had made this morning, burgers won out hands down! Inferno Grill filled our hungry bellies with some well-earned hearty tucker.

A perfect way to spend a hot, hot, Sunday morning in Sydney!






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