I ‘Sit’ Corrected

When in doubt of what to do for a daily DID action, eat somewhere new!

It was Chris’ shout for lunch today and given it had reached 1:40 pm and neither of us had eaten we set out in search of food.

I had no idea where we were going and I really didn’t care. I just didn’t want to have to shop for it, prepare it, clean up after it or pay for it.

We ended up at the Padstow Park Hotel

I’ll admit it, I was a tad disappointed in the choice as my perception of this place was a divey spot that was always full of loud talkin’, beer swillin’ fluro blokes every day from 3 pm onwards.

But, as we pulled up, I was reminded that they had renovated recently.  I was open to having my old perception changed and being proven wrong about the place. And that I was.

They’ve added a simple, but striking and playful outdoor patio area and a brand new interior restaurant section that was clean, welcoming, and industrial, yet cosy thanks to the colour scheme and use of greenery throughout. The industrial wooden pallet featured prominently in the decor – it was used outside as hanging gardens, it served as chairs, dividers, and even ceiling sound barriers and it worked!

The menu offered quite a few affordable choices and the half-dozen flat-screen monitors hung about were visible but not intrusive.

The food came and it was another welcome surprise. I had prawn tacos and Chris had an incredible looking spinach, feta and pumpkin salad with a generous portion of crispy skinned grilled salmon atop. We split the zucchini chips.

I love that Chris knows when to challenge me and my thinking and tries often to expand or change my perceptions. Today I’m sure glad he did. It was a lovely lunch experience and, as I said to him over lunch, “I was happy to.. ah.. SIT corrected.”

I guess you could say that the whole experience was far more “palletable” than I had expected.

Thanks, Honey.


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