One Or The Other

toiletToday I did something different. That’s the point of this project, right?

Well, between Chris and I, one of us went out for a lovely lunch and then took in a very informative fundamentals yoga class. One of us stayed at home and spent some time going down rabbit holes on the computer then ventured out to Bunnings in search of the right part to fix a broken toilet seat that has been on the “Honey do” list for far too long.

One of us remains in a state of frustration because after spending a few bucks and some elbow grease, while uttering some choice truck driver phrases,  the toilet seat still isn’t fixed.

The other is happy-tired from a surprisingly strenuous, yet relaxing and calming workout.

Can you guess which one of us grew more and more agitated and cussed up a storm trying to complete the simple task of replacing the screws that keep the seat in place and which one of us found moments of modern inspiration from ancient Indian practice and mastered the warrior one pose?

Do you know which of us was uttering, “Namaste” while the other screamed, “It won’t stay”?

Here’s a hint – I could never be a plumber! I think I’ll stick to writing.



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