Holsworthy, Here We Come!

hols  There’s not much ‘round these parts.

So, this is the Holsworthy train station.

Let’s just say I haven’t been missing much.

Chris and I went into the CBD today for a meeting, had a lovely lunch, took a quick walk around Circular Quay, then caught the train back to Revesby…. Or, so we thought.

We both had our heads in our phones reviewing work emails when I looked up to see the familiar sights of Revesby flying past us at warp speed.

“I guess we’re not stopping at Revesby.” I said to Chris who was also quite surprised we just sped past our stop.


Passing another few stations with no signs of slowing down, we finally stopped at Holsworthy station and had to wait there for over 20 minutes to head back to Revesby.

I had never been to Holsworthy. It’s a station that somewhat unremarkable – except for their tendency to run two automated voice announcements at the same time so that you couldn’t understand either of them.

So, today’s DID was getting lost, okay, misdirected, on the train today.

In the process, we had a good laugh and I experienced another of Sydney’s many rail stations, where, not being one to be unproductive for too long, I pulled out my laptop, wrote this post, and took a few photos so that you could see it for yourself.

Holsworthy in Every Direction











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