Sharing in Yassin’s Dream

Every medium is telling tales of Trump-created turmoil. People are angry. People are scared. Racism and radicalisation compete for dominance around the world. Hatred is being fuelled by small minded, misguided, pseudo protectionist power mongering.

Judgement is pervasive. Acceptance is not.

I, for one, am sickened by our new reality.

Today I will do something different to this, for there is far too much of all this negativity already.

Today I will share a story of hope, help and humanity. Today I will share a tale of aid, not anger, of brotherhood, not divisiveness, f opportunity, not oppression. Today I will share a story of one man, one family, one journey, one focus, one dream.

Today I will use my personal public forum to replace negativity with positivity. I will share this story of a man who has found a way through his home country’s hell without sacrificing his beliefs – a man who can embrace his nationality, his religion, his values and those of his new home, while embracing and supporting humanity in a way that resonates with what’s in his heart.

If you’ve spent any time reading or watching scary, angry, humanity-draining posts today, I urge you to also spend a few minutes and watch this hope-giving short about the life of “Yassin Falafel” to balance things out.

This is the type of story the USA, Australia, and many countries will prevent from happening in the future. These stories of true humanity will be sacrificed in the pursuit of supremacy, isolation, patriotism, protectionism, and popularity.

And that breaks my heart.

The ultimate affect these choices will have on both economic stability and humanity are yet to be seen. I suspect neither will be pretty.

Wouldn’t we all be better off with Yassin’s message instead,

“All people are welcome here.”



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