A Different Way In

Today’s DID wasn’t really by choice. With plans to head into the city for dinner to celebrate Chris’ birthday and see if we could take in any Chinese New Year celebrations, we needed to train it in.

But, our train line was being serviced…soooo…We needed to drive to another station on another line and leave from there. As you can see we have some choices


Revesby was replaced by Mortdale and our route in and out was different but plans remained.

chrWe had a lovely evening out with Dawn and Martin and they helped to celebrate Chris’ birthday We enjoyed a walk through Chinatown, a couple of drinks in Darling Harbour,  then searched out dinner, finally ending up at Xian Grill where the food was terrific. This place also offered quite a few DID options, but I didn’t dare – not going to eat rabbit, or tripe, or offals of any kind. But, hey, if that’s your thing, I bet they do a great job of them!

The fireworks were a nice touch. You can’t imagine the planning involved in organising them for him! I’m sure the people around us were surprised, but hey, fireworks beat candles every time – a tad harder to blow out though!


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