Australia Day, Mate!

I bet you can guess what today’s DID was.

aYes. You’re right. I spent Australia Day in Canberra for the very first time.

We were prepared to get our Aussie on and take lots of what Canberra had on offer.

We began the day with a leisurely walk from the QT hotel to Rond Terrace in Commonwealth Park. The queues for the big Aussie breakfast were too long, so we went on to get ready to watch the flag raising ceremony, 21 gun salute and fly over. Well, two out of three ain’t bad. Various representatives of our forces marched the flag to the awaiting empty flagpole which I learned was one solid piece of wood. And, it was not just any wood. It was once a towering Canadian Douglas Fir.

They cannons roared off their echoing smokey shots one after they other. The huge numbers of fruit bats in the nearby trees didn’t like that one bit and scattered into the skies.

We waited and waited some more for the roar of the jet engines, which were due to fly overhead, but they didn’t appear. That was disappointing.

So we made our way from there in search of something to eat and happened upon a real estate agent promoting a building with a variety of units for sale. We were curious. More on this in an upcoming post.

We carried on with the festivities – having the obligatory burger with the lot and beers at the Bent Spoke Pub before we took in another Aussie favourite – the fireworks.

Well, that was the plan. We had a couple of beers each – big ones, so we hailed an uber to take us to the fireworks, but we didn’t get there in time. We ended up watching them from the car stopped on a bridge – at least we saw them.

All in all, it was a lovely Australia Day and I enjoyed being in a different city to celebrate. I was a bit surprised, given we were in the nation’s capital, that there wasn’t much more going on, or more people donning their Aussie clothes celebrating their great country, but I guess that’s just Canberra.







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