Train Travel, Time Travel, or Both?

today3                today4

Today I took the train to Canberra.

I’ve been to Canberra, our nation’s capital, about 4-5 times now and I’ve driven, or rather, Chris has driven us, every time.

Chris had to go there for work this week and he left on Monday. I had a few things that needed doing around home, so I followed today.

We both agreed that seeing as he was there anyway, staying in Canberra for Australia Day might be a nice chance for us both to do something different.

I’ll give you three guesses as to what tomorrow’s DID might be?

But back to today. Central is only a 30-minute train ride from the station nearest our home. Our friendly neighbours drove me to the station and I arrived at Central Station shortly thereafter.

I made my way to the country trains area at Central and found track 4. I was assigned a seat in carriage B and after standing on the platform for all of about two minutes, they opened the doors and we began boarding the train.

When the clock struck 12:12 we were off and I was making my way to meet my hubby in Canberra, this time I would arrive by train.

It was lovely to just sit back and enjoy the plentiful legroom and ample room to work after taking my seat

While the squeak of the train as it rambled along was a tad distracting, the ample space to move about, the sprawling scenery viewed through the massive windows, and the opportunity to get up walk around, and purchase food and drinks, made for quite an enjoyable four-hour ride. I ate, I read, I worked, and I blogged, and the time flew.

My favourite part of the trip was the chance to slow down and embrace the romantic tradition of train travel. As we passed through the little hamlets like Bundanoon, I wondered what the experience of train travel must have been like decades ago when it was in its heydey.

I suspect that the travel part of it hasn’t changed all that much. Yes, I checked in with a digital version of my ticket and the clothing styles are different, but the train is most likely on tracks that were laid many years ago. The train was full of people going somewhere different going to meet other people.

today              today2

It was all pretty conventional and reminiscent of a much simpler time.

So, if you feel yourself getting a little sentimental, finding things changing far too fast and far too often, and maybe you are craving a look back into the past, why don’t you take a train ride?

Honestly, it’s the closest I’ve been lately, to travelling in a time machine.



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