The Difference is You

I did something different today.

I actually put it out to those of you in my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram networks and asked what things you did differently today.


There was quite a selection of responses.

We had first days, new starts, the start of the school year, people doing things they’ve never done and those doing things they hadn’t experienced in a while, and there were those who got up early, those who changed their shopping patterns, and those who met new friends of the two-legged variety and those who made new four-legged friends. Some of you went swimming and some rode a bike. Some of you tried new recipes, cooked in different ways and some of you ate cake, lots and lots of cake, then joined a gym.

All of you DID something different.

Thank you for your help with this post.

I hope you continue to experience new and interesting things every day of your life!




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