A Bigger and Safer Cloud

I can be somewhat of a procrastinator at times, especially if it’s things I’m really not interested in, but have to be done.

Case and point – computer backups, filing, storage, security, etc.

Today’s DID was to embrace these and get the required work over and done with.

So, thanks to my smart hubby, we installed two-factor authentication on my devices.

Want some added security for yours? He put together this step by step video so that you can do it too.

I also upgraded my Google storage, so I guess you could say that I now have a bigger cloud.

I installed my updates. All that’s left to do now are the backups.My rule of thumb for backups is usually once a month, but definitely before travelling.

While I don’t really enjoy doing any of this, it’s a necessary evil and good practice.

Thankfully I have access to a resident expert ;-).

And, I do feel much better once it’s done. And, much safer too!


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