Looking Skyward


For me, one of the most comforting suburban sounds is the hum of an engine from a small aircraft flying overhead.

I’ve been lucky enough to experience that in my home here and back in Brampton and hope that wherever I live next, the sound will follow.

I often wonder what type of plane is flying overhead, if I’ve ever been in one (I’ve been lucky enough to have been in a variety of them), who’s flying it, whether they’re a beginner or experienced pilot.

Sometimes I look up, most often I just settle for the reassurance offered by the comforting hum and l et my thoughts drift to memories of my dad. We both shared a passion for all types of aircraft.

The Bankstown Airport is bout 8km from our house, located at 3 Avro (Arrow – best plane ever built) Street and it acts as the hub for most of this light aircraft traffic.

I pass by the entrance to the airport complex often and always say to myself that I should drive in and check it out, but I usually dismiss the thought with a procrastinating”next time”

But today…today I went in. Today I did that differently.

I had a lovely few minutes of gazing up into the skies and plane-spotting like a toddler. I spied dozens of planes parked, awaiting their next chance to soar. Aviator types were coming and going.  I heard the familiar calls of both helicopter and aeroplane as they set off, returned, and passed overhead.

And yes, thoughts turned to my dad.

As I close this post I have tears of regret flowing down my cheeks. I miss him and I so wish that he’d been able to see it and so much more of our lives here in Australia.

Maybe, just maybe, he’s soaring up there somewhere seeing more of our lives than I know. And, maybe that’s the thought I’ll have next time I hear that familiar hum overhead.


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