From Hair To There

Today’s DID was long overdue.

My hair has been the same way for a while now and thought it was time to do something different.

I received a few great ideas from friends about what I might try – thanks, Brenda, Donna, and Wanda. Nick thanks for the laugh.

I went to the salon armed with a few ideas, photos, and a boatload of trust.

I’ve been going to the local To Be Salon in Padstow for a few months now. The staff here are wonderful – professional, friendly, efficient and honest in what they think will and won’t suit you so I figured I could trust them to do me proud.

Today I had Kiara in charge of colour and Elena as the creative director and working her magic with the scissors. They made a great team and do fine work together.

Here’s the result:





To add to the anticipation. I actually kept my eyes closed during the process so I couldn’t see the various stages. I didn’t watch anything past the foils.  I placed my trust in this duo and waited until the end for the “big reveal”.

It’s not radical, but rather,  “on the road to radical”… sometimes even doing it differently has to come in steps.


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