Google Makes a Wonderful Concierge

Yippee. My husband came home today.

It was only a week, but boy did I miss him.

Chris’ flight arrived early this morning so after picking him up at the train station, we figured we’d catch up over breakfast. I love that Chris gets to travel, but I like it even better when he comes home.

I turned to Google yesterday to find a new spot. You may have heard, I’m ‘doing it different’ these days so thought it would be a great chance to try somewhere different in the local area.

So, I tapped in my search criteria to see what the Great Google would serve up as options.


KaDeli  Gourmet Deli Cafe was close, had good reviews, did a decent breakfast, so we had, as Chris would say “found our moving buddy.”

It was a lovely experience. We were greeted immediately and seated. A cold bottle of water came without us asking and we were waited on (not counter ordering) and our meals came hot, as ordered, AND AT THE SAME TIME (my pet peeve with so many restaurants when meals arrive at different times – don’t get me started on this!)

I had a piece of sourdough toast topped with the following layers grilled tomato, fresh mushroom, then avocado – all topped off with two poached eggs perfectly runny… It was divine.

We enjoyed our breakfast date and being back in the same city again and Chris appeared to appreciate his bacon and eggs. (sorry no photos too busy talking and eating).

Which reminds me of a quote. For you to ponder today…

The difference between involvement and commitment is like bacon and eggs. The chicken is involved; but, the pig…the pig is committed


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