Riding the Rails

Today’s DID consists of two parts.

First, I finally got my Opal card issue fixed and put the card on auto top-up. Opal is our local transportation payment system. You can use it on Sydney rail, busses, and ferries.


Could you imagine if you could use it on Uber too? It’s really those industries like taxis and city transportation services didn’t come up with Uber idea first when it was such a good fit with the foundations they had in place already. But, I digress.

Chris will be ecstatic that my Opal card issue is fixed. Me leaving these sorts of things undone frustrates him so.

The second part is that I’m going to Canberra — by train!

I’ve never travelled to Canberra by train. In fact, I’ve never travelled anywhere in Australia by train, so it should be interesting.

So today’s ‘doing it different’ is all in preparation for riding the rails.

All aboard!

P. S. Upon further investigation of my train trip itinerary, I read this…

Musical instruments
You may travel with one musical instrument provided it is in a hand carry case and weighs no more than 20kg.

On train services, the instrument must be carried onboard as unchecked luggage and placed in the overhead luggage racks or at the end of the carriage. This means the instrument can not exceed dimensions of 125cm high x 45cm wide x 20cm depth.

On coach services the instrument is considered as one of the two items of luggage permitted and must be placed in the luggage compartment beneath the coach.

If you wish to travel with larger musical instruments please contact us on 13 22 32 prior to booking. An additional seat may need to be purchased.

Yep, should be interesting, indeed! Perhaps, even musical!


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