Today I Became a Local Guide


I joined Google’s program called (funnily enough) Local Guides,  a program that rewards you for sharing your world on Google Maps.

It helps others find the best places in town and I get to receive some benefits along the way.

All it asks is for you to review a place you’ve visited.You can add a photo or two, add a place that isn’t yet there, or correct information on a place that is.

This video explains a bit more about it 

Yes, I realise that I’m working for Google as I do my part in their crowdsourcing of information. But I still feel that the benefit still far outweighs the effort I have to expend. And, there are no strings, no minimums, I can stop whenever I want.

They do dangle a carrot though. There are different levels of guides and there are rewards earned for each level from discounts, to free storage to invites to Google and local guide events.

For a geeky chick like me, today’s DID is a great fit. Let’s face it, I’m doing most of this anyway. I might as well get recognised for it.


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