Buy Yourself Some Flowers

vaseWay back when I was single, I used to buy myself flowers often.  I figured, why not?

I enjoy the colourful addition they bring to any room and they always picked up my spirits.

A pretty bouquet of flowers falls into what Faith Popcorn described as an “affordable indulgence”.  So indulge myself I did.

I felt good about it. I felt like it was a little gift I gave myself. A little reminder to myself that I was worthy of pretty things and that there was nothing wrong with doing nice things for myself, especially in the absence of a special person in my life to do it for me.

Then I got lucky. I found a man who not only loves me but is also a romantic and knows that flowers make a wonderful gift. He surprises me with them often.  flower

But, it’s been a long, long time since I bought them for myself.

So, today I did.

I bought a bunch of my favourite flowers in one of my favourite colours — bright, happy yellow gerbera daisies!

And that was my “Doing it Different” action for today.

Maybe you should try it.

Go ahead, go out there and indulge yourself. Go buy yourself some flowers!



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