A Good Read


Today was my rest day. My body needs time to renew as I’ve been pushing pretty hard lately. My DID for today wasn’t going to be anything physical.

I was a bit stumped about what I might do differently today.

That was until I had a conversation with Beryl (my mother-in-law for those who don’t know).

Her TV had been on the fritz for a while and although she got it fixed today, she commented on how she hadn’t really missed it as she had been reading quite a bit lately.

Ping! The light bulb went on! That was it! Thanks, Beryl!

I can’t remember when I last picked up an actual book.

Other than online and for work I have done precious little reading lately. And now that I’m equipped with a brand new pair of fashionable readers I had no excuse.

So I put them on, sat down, and opened a book entitled, The World We See,  Leadership Lessons From Australia’s Iconic Change Makers.

I enjoyed hearing from the various voices this book puts forth and while I’m only a ways in, I’m finding inspiration in their words.

One of my favourite quotes so far in the book appears below. It’s from Australia’s current Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull.


I’d have to agree with him! In fact, that’s part of the reason I’ve embraced this DID 365 project.



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