¡Aprender español es muy divertido!

English translation = “Learning Spanish is lots of fun.”

And that was my DID today. I had a little fun learning Spanish today. Muchas gracias, Kim, for your suggestion for learning another language. Learning Spanish is definitely an item on my bucket list.

Apparently, that’s one thing Ellen and I have in common. Probably the ONLY thing Ellen and I have in common

I spent some time today reviewing some resources for learning Spanish. The internet is laden with them. I watched a few videos and found resources I just didn’t have time to review today, but will get back to. And I also found a CD set that I think I’ll rip into digital format so I can pop them in my ears at whim.

One of the most interactive resources I found was Babbel  But before I go spending money on this, I’ll investigate a few more free resources and see how much I can learn over the next few months.

There are even some great places to learn Spanish right here in Sydney. Here’s the list if you’re interested.

Who knows how well I’ll do. I might have to plan a trip to test out my new skills.

For now, I might just go find myself a margarita.

De repente tengo mucha sed.



One thought on “¡Aprender español es muy divertido!

  1. Good luck with your Spanish journey. One of the best resources is Synergy Spanish. I spoke in compound sentences in less than 30 minutes after using this course. At the time it cost me $60, but it had me speaking faster than anything I ever tried, including Pimsleur. Say Something in Spanish is also quite good when you hit the Advanced Beginner stage. You may not have a native accent when you finish, but Spanish will roll off your tongue.

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