I Surprised Myself

Not to keep beating the same drum, but today I just have to reference another Fitbit inspired DID.

While continuing to exercise is not that new, continuing to break new ground and accomplish new milestones are both definitely something new and different for me.

After accomplishing yesterday’s PB (15+K), I wasn’t sure how many steps I’d be up to accomplishimg_2884ing today, but I hauled my butt to the gym (still a little too hot to do this outside).

Motivated by, not one, but two, Fitbit challenges, one for today only and one for the workweek, I had to clock as many steps as I could.

And, boy did I surprise myself.

I accomplished another PB today, yesterday’s 15+K is history.  Today, I clocked almost 18K steps…. yes, that’s an 8 – not a typo!!!


By logging this, I also accomplished the milestone of doing my first 5K on the treadmill in months.

And I think I actually won the daily challenge… first group challenge win for me.

It’s incredible to see how one accomplishment can lead to the next and the next. Today, I even surprised myself.

When I waimg_2883s stumped as to what to do as today’s DID, I put a call out on Facebook and received some wonderful ideas, which I’m sure I’ll implement at least a few of them in future. So, thanks to those who suggested everything from breakfast for dinner, eating dessert first, yodelling, learning a new language and changing my hairstyle.

All I have to say to you all is, “Watch this space!”. Oh, and, “Thanks”!

Oh, and, “Thanks”!




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