A New Personal Best

One of the big DID goals I have for all of 2017 is to increase my daily activity and get fitter not fatter as the year progresses.

Lucky for me I have a little band around my left wrist and a competitive nature that are working well together to ensure I do just that.

When I first began using my Fitbit in mid-November, I didn’t have any hard and fast goals. I just wanted to track more steps than I did the day before.

Then I got serious. I set a daily goal of 8,000 steps which ends up being between 5 or 6 km.

With some effort, I managed to meet that most days. Then Chris invited me to a few challenges. He won most of them but, I was a worthy competitor and I discovered how motivating they can be. Yes, my competitive side was coming out to play.

So, rather than just share the joy of competition with others, I began competing with myself. I raised my daily step goal to 10,000 steps.

I accepted a few more challenges and managed to clock 10,000+ steps most days (my longest run was 9 days in a row). My personal bests (PBs) came in at 11.7, then 12.8 and 12.9 – not too shabby.  I was inching toward 13K steps in one day.

I was benched yesterday and clocked only a deflating 2.3, so today I was raring to make up for it. And, make up for it I did. I accepted two new challenges and managed to pull into a far more respectable place in the big Workweek Hustle that the mighty Wacker had organised.


As my head hit the pillow tonight, my feet and leg muscles felt sore, but I felt proud.

Today I accomplished a new PB. I clocked 15,236 steps in one day! And I accumulated a total of 103 minutes of activity (defined as moderate activity for 10 minutes or more)

I think tomorrow I’ll do two things – increase my daily step goal to 12K and treat myself to a foot massage!



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