Grammar Is Important

We all know that I put a fair amount of content online.

This is mostly to do with what I do for work, but it is exaggerated by the fact that so many of those in my personal network remains in Canada and it’s an easy way to keep in touch with them.

As a responsible content creator, I signed up for the Grammarly service to help ensure that my content is spelt correctly, well punctuated and that I am using proper grammar – because we know how important that is, don’t we?

Grammarly is a free online proofreading tool that reviews your online content as you create it and redlines it indicating where there are issues.

It also provides you with weekly stats, sending these highlights to you in an email.

I rarely, if ever, look at these stats, but that was my DID for today.  I actually read my weekly stats and learned a little something.


I write more than 97% of those on the web who use Grammarly (given it’s mostly used by those who put a lot of content out there, that number is probably more than 99% of all web users).

I’m more accurate than 7 out of 10 Grammarly users. When I look at my errors, some are just typos – the result of “Flintstone fingers” and others are made on purpose to present a different voice or for ease of response, so I’m okay with that as an error rate.

The last one surprises me. In much of my writing, I purposely choose to use simpler terms, so I did not expect that my vocabulary would be larger than 97% of web users period, let alone, 97% of Grammarly users.

So, yet another thank you goes out to Mr Joe Croteau for the focus on grammar in his class. using our trusty little purple paperbacks every day. Indeed, grammar is important, just like the title claims!

And Grammarly is a very helpful tool. If you haven’t tried it, you should consider it.


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