Thank You To The Voice Inside My Head


I listen to some fabulous podcasts. I keep promising that I’ll write a review or at least say, “thank you” to those responsible for them, just to show my appreciation for the great content these insightful people create.

Today’s DID was an easy one. Instead of just thinking about doing it I actually did it.

I listened to two episodes of Rachel Parker’s Content Marketing Podcast while at the gym this afternoon.

As usual, she shared some useful links, some interesting highlights and a few updates I had not yet heard of from the social channels we’re using every day. If you’re interested in content marketing, or marketing in general, give her podcast a listen.

Her podcasts are a digestible length and formatted to give a balanced glimpse into various resources. – always crammed with useful information.  And, it’s all delivered by a friendly voice with undeniable authenticity.

So, Rachel Parker, thanks for doing what you do. I find your podcast informative, entertaining, and bursting with useful tidbits and resources to help me to do my job better!

If you’re ever in Sydney, Australia – look me up!


Update – Thanks for the shout out on the Jan 12 show Rachel. Was on the treadmill listening away when I heard you mention my name. I was chuffed!


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