A Manly Date Night


One thing about living in a harbour city that I’ll never tire of is the harbour itself. And with the harbour you have harbour travel, in Sydney’s case, the beloved Ferry. I enjoy rides on our substantial green and yellow ferries that dot the Sydney harbour and I am impressed with how this method of transport is so well linked to the whole Sydney Transport System consisting of trains, buses, and ferries.

As much as I love them, I haven’t been on them often as of late. And, I’ve never been on one at sunset. So, that was the start of today’s DID. I’m usually at home at sunset, so today we planned to do sunset differently and Chris agreed to a Saturday night date night where we took the train to Circular Quay and found a ferry that would give us some lovely harbour sunset views and take us somewhere different for a dinner out.


We meandered around the Quay for a bit, indulged in one scoop each of gelato (we both had something different than our usual) and then hopped aboard the ferry – destination Manly.

The trip across was 30 minutes and the sun was in the proper position showcasing the city’s skyline. We enjoyed the harbour vistas and took some lovely photos to remember our DID for today.

Rather than me picking the restaurant for dinner, or the both of us going back and forth on our options, Chris was in charge of choosing tonight.  I agreed to be happy with whatever he chose. (again, not an easy thing for this control junkie)

We found ourselves at an outdoor table where we enjoyed what the website promised, “Boozy drinks and sumptuous food.” at The Hold.

And, that husband of mine makes a fine choice for dinner. We both enjoyed some delectable home-style burgers, salad, and a side of mac and cheese, all washed down with a pint each.

We ambled around Manly a bit more, soaking in the Saturday night ambience – you know young girls donning one-storey heels and dresses that end where their butt cheek does, the smell of cologne, alcopops, beer, and hormones wafting through the air, the din of friends and laughter, the glimmering lights bouncing off the water, the warm ocean breeze sweeping through  the Corso, and the feel of Saturday night festivity and freedom being enjoyed by everyone around us. Well except for the drunk couple fighting at the lights – drinks still in hand.

We caught the ferry back to the CBD and watched as the sparkling shore and our familiar  Aussie icons – The Sydney Harbour Bridge and The Opera House – welcomed us back.

It was a wonderful date night enjoyed with my equally wonderful husband. Thank you, Chris! xxx

And, while I may joke about how Aussies speak and poke fun at the way of life here (I should do less of this – perhaps this will be another DID to adopt going forward),  I am forever grateful to have found such a great man to share my life with, to live in such an incredible city that sits only as a yet-to-be-experienced  bucket list item for many, and to call fair Australia, and all the majesty and gifts that she offers, home.


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