If A Lunch With Jimmy is WONG, I Don’t Want To Be RIGHT!


The full photo collection from the day is here

Those who know me may attest to my high control tendencies. They can translate into wanting to know all the details of an upcoming social activity – where, when, who’s going, what we’ll do, what’s on the menu, and what to expect in general. I enjoy the anticipation that accompanies a social event as well as the event itself. So, that’s my usual M O, but not today.

All I knew today was that I was taking the afternoon off (shhh… don’t tell my boss). I was going into town to meet my friend and foodie extraordinaire, Mr Jimmy Wong, of MasterChef and JimmyWongEats fame

We were meeting for lunch and I just happened to mention that I had a craving for dumplings. We agree to meet at Central, picked a time and that’s where I left it.

I figured that if I couldn’t trust Jimmy to take us somewhere for a fabulous feed in the city, then who could I? I was a tad uncomfortable not having my usual “briefing” on the details of the day, but this was me, “Doing It Different”.

What. A. Day!

It’s always a pleasure seeing Jimmy – he’s authentic, enthusiastic, fun, interesting and just an all-round great guy! He picked the perfect place for us to have lunch, which definitely included dumplings – and some fabulous additions as well. I let him guide our lunch choices and was so pleased with the result. We ordered just enough and enjoyed a variety of dumplings, and some tasty additions – the green beans and pork were fabulous! I was pleasantly surprised by both the décor and the quality of the food. We first toured around inside the Central Park Living Mall in Sydney’s most eco-friendly city building. I had never been here so all was a new experience. Among a high-end feel food court we found our lunch destination, Din Tai Fung

Again, Din Tai Fung food = fabulous. Try it!

After catching up on all the news, taking the required photo-proof and filling our faces, Jimmy suggested we continue our visit and head nearby to The White Rabbit Gallery.

My DID response, was, “Sure. Let’s go.” No questions, no hesitation, just go.

I had no idea what to expect. On the way, I got a better look at the eco-friendly building we had been in, with its visible plant life accents built right into the architecture itself. We walked around the Central Park Precinct and then arrived at the gallery. Jimmy explained that this gallery was created by a couple who came into some (what I can only assume is BIG money). According to their website, it is, “one of the world’s largest and most significant collections of contemporary Chinese art. Founded by Kerr and Judith Neilson in 2009.”

And, bonus, entry is free!

We spent about an hour touring the exhibits, immersing ourselves in some and questioning others, taking photos, wondering about the inspiration for some pieces, and asking questions. It was a fabulous tour of some innovative as well as some rather eccentric and sexually inspired art.

While I’m not really a “gallery” gal, I quite enjoyed the experience. It was interesting to see the inclusion of technology in some of the pieces and the size of the gallery was about perfect for me (and my art attention span).

What a wonderful afternoon.

Thanks Jimmy for a great experience and for helping me with my new daily endeavour and for making it so memorable. I enjoyed myself immensely.

I think I could get quite used to this doing it different thing! Especially if afternoons like this become a regular occurrence!


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