From Tram to Tram

A while back, Chris and I were investigating the possibility of buying a unit in Harold Park. It was a new community close to the city that showed some great promise. We didn’t buy. But, we’ve been interested to see how it has evolved since its conceptual existence from the first days in the sales office.

We hadn’t been out there so, Doing It Different item #1 was visiting the Harold Park community.

We especially enjoyed taking a look at one if it’s showcase features the Tramsheds They describe it as “dynamic food destination. Tramsheds is a place brought to life by history, architecture and community”. 

Admittedly, the Tramsheds were pretty cool. There is definitely no shortage of places where you can find something appropriate to fill many a food craving. The whole atmosphere is open, clean, and city chic. They even have a tram complete with tables where you can sit and enjoy a meal (reminiscent of the old Super Burger streetcar in Shelbourne – ah, memories!).

After a trot around, we decided we’d also add a pop into the city to our day. So, Doing It Different item #2 was taking the Sydney Light Rail instead of driving or taking the train, our usual means of transport.

I have only been on the light rail a couple of times before. I was reminded just how fabulous a way it is to travel to many of the inner CBD spots. They’ve expanded the line and it’s even more accessible now. Note to self, I must use this more often.

Today, while we also did a few things we’d done before – walked around Darling Harbour and had our favourite lunch at Home Thai (yes, I order the same thing almost every time I go), we also added a couple of differences.

So, day one included visiting the Tramsheds, Harold Park, and travelling on the light rail. We also drove another route into Harold Park and took a different one home.

I’ll give it to Chris, he’s keen to play along with the “Doing It Different” philosophy, so this should be an interesting year!



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