And, Now, For Something Completely Different!

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I really enjoyed the daily commitment to blogging from 2016, so I thought I’d continue the practice.

Never being one to want to do the same thing the same way twice, I thought I’d mix it up a bit. So, this year, I’m doing something different.


Instead of finding a social post, sharing it and blogging additional narrative, every day I’ll ask myself, “What one thing can I do differently today?” I’ll document my efforts either daily or weekly, sharing the insights, observations, challenges, and outcomes that come from consciously choosing to do something different every day for an entire year.

Just the thought of doing this for 365 days is rather daunting, but I’m willing to give it my best shot. I suspect that it will be both challenging and rewarding and hopefully even exhilarating at times.

By challenging my own personal status quo, I’m hoping to shake things up and jolt myself out of my all too familiar comfort zone where I’ve felt somewhat trapped for too long.

Some days the changes may be tiny – shopping somewhere different, eating something new, or waking up at a different time. But on other days, I hope to develop some new skills, learn more about my world and myself, change my perspectives, and increase my own capacity for embracing change and enhancing my adaptability to it.

How it will all work out is yet to be seen. But, if you’re the least bit curious, then follow along with me as I step into the unfamiliar and try to make a daily difference in my life and perhaps in the lives of others as well.

We start the year with today’s difference – the launch of this new blog format, look and feel. So, say “adios” to the old “A broad abroad, eh” blog and “hello” to, “Doing It Different”.


2 thoughts on “And, Now, For Something Completely Different!

  1. As you’ve never floated before would you like to come with me for a float one day (prob a Friday)? I can get floats for $45 and the place is across from the Verona theatre on Oxford St.

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