It’s “Supposed to Be That Way”

29.12.2016 – Day 364

It’s “Supposed to Be That Way”

lifeI’m all for creating a vision of what you would like your life to be like – something to strive for, your ideal picture of the life you feel would suit you best.

So, dream on, champions that you are.

But, be wary that while this vision can act as motivation for achievement and milestones, it also has a much darker side. Many of us can get caught up in what I call the “gap-trap”. Whether it’s created by what we see in the media, our parents’ visions for our future, social mores, or conjured up in our own minds, there can be a gap between our lives as they are and how we feel they’re meant to be.

We can become frustrated, deflated, depressed, or screwed up by the gap between where we actually are and what we think our life is supposed to be.

In doing that we can miss the present. We can overlook all the good by focussing only on what’s missing. If we’re constantly comparing our reality to the vision of what our ultimate life could be, we will be disappointed at the very least.

So, my friends, I dare say keep on dreaming, but also enjoy today for exactly what it is. Enjoy the people in your life, the gifts you’ve been given, the opportunities you have available, enjoy the benefit of a sound mind, your good health, freedom,  and the choices you’re blessed with.

And beware the “gap-trap”. No matter how you think your life was supposed to turn out, the reality is that it is, what it is. All you can really count on is now. So enjoy it. The future may, in fact, be better and much closer to the vision of how your life is “supposed to be”. But it may not.

Enjoy what you’ve got while you’ve got it!



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