The Unsung Heroes

22.12.2016 – Day 357

The Unsung Heroes

inspiration.jpgToday is a shout out to all those who provide inspiration to us and are oblivious to the fact that they do. I want to thank those, friends, neighbours, colleagues, family, acquaintances, media personalities, authors, doctors, lawyers, support workers, retail help, those people on social media, those people I pass on the street, leaders, politicians, advocates, lawmakers, emergency personnel, drivers, artists, musicians, labourers…. to everyone who has inspired me by their words and actions, I thank you.

If someone special has inspired you, maybe it’s time to acknowledge it. Maybe it’s time to tell that person what you found so inspirational and what it meant to you or where that inspiration has lead you.

I’ll take a moment to acknowledge my husband. Thank you, Chris, for inspiring me to be more curious and to be more active in pursuing the answers to my questions. You are a wonderful example of a lifelong learner – you demonstrate how easy it is to learn in so many ways every day.  I have definitely become more aware and more knowledgeable about so many things as a result.

So, if there’s someone who inspires you, say thanks. Do it today. Do it now. You don’t know when you may have another chance!

Don’t let inspiration or the people who provide it be the unsung heroes.


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