My Golden Rule

06.12.2016 – Day 341

My Golden Rule


There’s a simple way to avoid racism, or being judgemental at all.

If we are going to be judgemental rather than accepting, how about we judge every single person on their own merits, their own words, actions, and behaviours. Instead of grouping, classifying, issuing sweeping generalisation, why don’t we just interact with people one at a time and determine their character by their own words and actions?

It’s simple, really.

If this person is nice to you, be nice to them, and, hey, don’t be afraid to be the first one to be nice.

And here’s the brilliance about the whole philosophy, if you haven’t had an interaction with them, don’t judge them. So, that means, keep your racist mouth shut if you haven’t met any people from the race you’re judging.

If we could only all reserve our judgement until we’ve  met a person, had dealings with  them, heard them speak, or seen their actions first hand, this world might be a whole lot friendlier.



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