On Your Own

04.12.2016 – Day 339

On Your Own


I won’t lie. I like my own company. I’m not being self-absorbed or narcissistic, but I do enjoy spending time on my own. Don ‘t get me wrong, I love my husband, my family and my friends around the world, and am always happy to spend time with them and usually crave more of it. But I have learned to love time alone and time with others – for different reasons.

There’s a freedom to solitude that feeds my soul.  I spent much of my 20’w, 30’s and 40’s single, but I always had lots of friends and was quite active socially. But, there were times when it was painfully lonely. There were also times when it was refreshingly liberating to just spend time alone and it didn’t mean being lonely at all.

Some of the best times of my life have been shared with my husband, friends and family and I wouldn’t trade these memories and experiences for the world.

Yet. there has been one person who has been with me through it all, who’s been there since I took my first breath and will be there until I take my last. That person is me.

Sometimes I just enjoy spending time alone. And, yes, I really do enjoy it.

Do you?


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