In Common

03.12.2016 – Day 338

In Common

commonWhen did we become okay with being rude to each other? When did it become acceptable to disrespect your elders? Or people in general? When did bullying people to make ourselves feel better, become mainstream behaviour?

When did “excuse me”, “thank you”, “I’m sorry”,  and “please” become words on the endangered list?

When did common courtesy and common sense disappear? I suspect they took common decency along for the ride!

We see so many examples of poor choices in behaviour, of nasty interactions with each other and ridiculously idiotic behaviour from those holding the highest positions of power. When did courtesy, decency, and sense become so uncommon?

I can only trust  that we can change this. With some effort we can make these behaviours common again. The trend pendulum usually swings both ways. right now, we’re seeing it at its  furthest, and worst.

I think it’s time we bring the respectful and friendly behaviours back into fashion. It’s time to make manners, respect, decency, and intelligence popular again. It’s time to make them common, popular even. Who’s with me?

Let’s change this. Let’s make this at least one thing we have in common.




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