The Age Old Question

29.11.2016 – Day 334

The Age Old Question


As a follow-on to yesterday’s post. The timing of this one was far too perfect.

Many of us have struggled through various times in our lives trying to answer this question.

I have entertained different careers and work situations and have been blessed to have more variety than most. I suspect that this question isn’t just asking about what occupation you are pursuing. It also includes the life part of that whole work/life equation.

For those of us of a certain vintage, I think many of us might well share this thought. When all is said and done. when we’ve tried various roles, spent time in various social statuses, racked up enough birthday cake and candle points the one thing we may all well agree on is that when we grow older, what we find we really want to be is younger!

For any of the younger crowd reading this, don’t rush it for it happens all too fast.

For those of you wishing you were younger, my questions for you are what age and why?


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