22.11.2016 – Day 327



I often have thoughts of past conversations, situations, times that my mom and I shared. It’s been over 24 years since she’s been gone, but I still miss her so very much

The bond most of us share with our mothers can not be matched in its influence on our lives. I guess that’s why the memories never really seem to fade. There are many times when I’d love to talk with her about things, share memories or thoughts with her, or just feel one of her warm hugs.

Chris asked me what I wanted for Christmas today. I couldn’t answer. I had a brief thought and glimpse into what my heart really wanted and what I realised is that it craved a Christmas from years gone past. A Christmas in Canada with my whole family alive and around us, with friends dropping by, with  jokes, and Christmas letters, and Baileys and Turtles, and snow falling outside, and the smell of turkey wafting all through the big house filled with love.

That was the home my parents built. That’s what I miss. I miss my dad and I miss my mom and I miss the memories they gave us at Christmas and throughout the time they were with us.


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