Content Marketing Then and Now!

20.11.2016 – Day 325

Content Marketing Then and Now!


My mother would have been 23 when this intriguing piece of advice was published.

I know that she bought  a singer sewing machine about a decade later and I wonder if this message had changed much during that time.

Do they still write this advice for customers today?

Given I am a copy and content writer, I thought I’d try my ‘fingertips’ at creating advice that is as reflective of our current social reality as this one was for 1949.


Advice from a Singer Sewing Machine Manual 2016

Thanks for purchasing one of our machines and doing your part to help keep us in business. We sure hope you have room for this in your closet or garage. While we know you are well-intentioned and that you may have thoughts of DIY-ing yourself and your family some bespoke fashions or entirely new wardrobes, the truth is, you probably won’t.

Let’s face it. It’s not 1949. Between working a 50 hour week, raising two overly- scheduled children, volunteering, caring for your aging parents, a husband who travels constantly,  and carving out time to stay fit, you may daydream about spending time creating your own fashions with our state-of-the-art sewing machine, but you don’t have the time nor the energy left after you’ve met your other responsibilities.

Even if by some miracle your found some time (perhaps that one hour in the fall when  time falls backward), you probably wouldn’t be able to understand how to use all the technological wizardry and functionality  we’ve built into today’s model – even if you watched a YouTube video or two from those in the know.  

If you really want a new outfit for that Woman of the Year Ceremony, might we suggest that you pour yourself a well deserved glass of pinot, grab your tablet, jump online, find the perfect outfit, order it, pay for it using your PayPal account, and choose the Uber delivery option so it arrives in plenty of time.

You may even want to treat yourself to a mani/pedi and get your hair styled so that you look your absolute best for your few minutes of Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram fame the awards will afford you.

And, if anyone asks, you can always say that you designed and made the outfit yourself with your new singer Bespoke3000 and the fabric your husband brought you back from his recent trip to Thailand. We promise. It’ll be our little secret!






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