16.11.2016 – Day 321



I attended a funeral this week, that quite simply, just broke my heart. I came away thinking that this world had been left without a wonderful 42-year-old woman and it left her 16-year-old son without a mum. While I had met this lady only a few times and exchanged emails and the odd Facebook post, I knew her well enough to recognise her vivacious spirit.

She struck me as someone who always wore a huge smile on her face. She was an artist, she was positive, outgoing, and sincere. She had an obvious love for people and for having fun with as many of those people as possible. Given the physical challenges cancer dealt her, I’m sure this was no easy feat.

I can’t help thinking how hard it must have been for her, someone so full of life, to realise that she was terminal. I can’t imagine how she must have felt as a mum, having to leave her son, not yet, a man, very much still a boy, without a mother.

I can only imagine what type of fortitude it took to remain positive, to keep smiling, to keep laughing, and the keep having fun.

As this very fitting quote from her Facebook page suggests, fun is important. Fun is what keeps us ageless – ageless in spirit while you’re having it and, unfortunately, in this case, in the fun memories  that she left behind with those she loved enough to create that fun with.

Fun is so important. Go have some!



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