Is There Fur in Your Future?

12.11.2016 – Day 317

Is  There Fur in Your Future?

fur nails.jpg

I love a good manicure and pedicure, don’t you?

But, seriously, would you embrace this trend? Would you deck your fingers (or toes) out with fur instead of polish?

My fingers often feel a little like this after giving Buzz lots of pats, but I’m pretty sure furry nails are not in my future. I’m with those who are looking to rid our bodies of excess fur, not add it.

Hey, but, maybe you disagree. Maybe you’re that much of an animal lover or you’re that quick to embrace the latest trend. And, maybe, this appeals to you and your quirky side.

I wouldn’t hazard a guess on who or how many of you will embrace this trend, but I can state two things with certainty.  If you do, I suspect that you’ll get a lot of attention. And, I doubt you’ll be picking your nose anytime soon!

Even if you love these new little furry paws of yours, I also suspect that your cute kitty or loyal pup might not fully embrace the idea.






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