Don’t Like It, Change It…VOTE!

08.11.2016 – Day 313

Don’t Like It, Change It…VOTE!


I’ve resisted mentioning this ridiculous reality show known as the American Presidential Election up until now. I did not want to give that arrogant, misguided, orange-faced misogynist any visibility in the lead up to the vote.

Today is now voting day. The early voting is over and the polls open for the most important vote in recent US history.

My sincerest hopes are that every American who is eligible to cast a vote, actually gets out there and does it. I hope that proper process is followed down to the last detail so we don’t have any excuses to delay the counts. I hope the voice of reason will prevail for the USA and for the rest of the world affected by this decisionIn this, the social media age, we seem to get lulled into a false sense of taking action if we like or share a post,

In this, the social media age, we seem to get lulled into a false sense of taking action when we like or share a post, favourite a tweet or post a photo, create a video, or send an email. We actually think that this is going to make a difference – we think that this is how change is made in 2016.

WAKE UP AMERICA  – social posting is not enough. They may help by keeping the conversation going, but nowhere does this actually replace the action of getting out there and actually casting an informed vote for your preferred candidate.

I’m hoping that this Presidential election will demonstrate the highest voter turn out rates in decades. Coming from a country where voting is conscripted and we see a 90+% voter turnout for every election, it is quite arresting to see America’s comparatively tiny voter turnout numbers.

Hopefully today, November 8th, 2016 we will see  more voting than we ever have throughout the US. And hopefully, we will be proud to see the first Black President of the USA, followed by the first woman President of the USA. Maybe after that, we can just start calling whomever lands in that powerful seat next simply as President.

If you’re an American, consider how blessed you are to have a choice  and the freedom to exercise it. Don’t leave it up to your friends, your coworkers, your neighbours to decide who will lead your country. Get out there to your polling station and cast your vote. Look around and see the sheer numbers of people who will be affected by this election. And be proud that you are a person who makes change happen.

Remember that likes don’t change the world, votes do!

Count yours among them!



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