Go Ahead, Break Some!

06.11.2016 – Day 310

Go Ahead, Break Some!


Want some more fun in your life? Break some rules!

I’m not condoning murder or stealing or adultery, but I am suggesting that maybe just maybe you break some of your own self-imposed rules.

Haven’t you always wanted to wear white after labour day, eat dessert first, laugh uncontrollably in a library or watch Saturday morning cartoons in your pjs for the whole day?

If your rule is to be in bed by 11PM, why not try and stay up past midnight and go out for that dessert after the movie rather than coming straight home. If your rule is to get all your housework done before you venture out to the gym, or to lunch, or to the gallery, forget about your chores for a day – one day! Go out early. Leave the bed unmade. Forget the dusting. Visit that farmer’s market. Get a massage. Go get your nails done! Meet a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

To add a bit more fun to your life, get our of your routine, relax a few of your rules and see just how liberating it can actually be.

There’s an intoxicating feeling, an adrenaline that comes with knowingly breaking the rules and that in itself is a bit of fun.



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