To Do or Not To Do

22.10.2016 – Day 296

To Do or Not To Do


“That is so you!” These were the first words out of Chris’ mouth when he saw this image.

He was right. You should watch what happens when you  tell me to do, or not to do, a specific something, especially if the directive comes off sounding like an order rather than a request.

I cannot stand being told what to do.

I would have made a terrible soldier.

I don’t know why I’m so resistant to commands, but I  suspect it may have come from growing up with a mother who was wonderful, but a tad domineering. Couple that with my fierce need for independence and I suspect that combination is enough motivation to fuel my behaviour.

Can you relate?

Do you prefer telling people what to do or being told? Do you mind people giving you commands? Or are you like me and you’ll fight them (even if they’re for your own good) and do something similar to what this image suggests?



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