Happy Birthday, Dad!

20.10.2016 – Day 294

Happy Birthday, Dad!


Ron blowing out his 50-something candles…


On October 20, 1929, 87 years ago, my father entered this world on a Sunday.   was a

I knew my dad to be a gentle man. He was loving and polite, a tad shy, but had a good sense of humour and an unyielding optimism. He rarely complained and he was a hard worker who was self-motivated.

It’s difficult to imagine my father as a child, let alone a baby. I wonder what the world he first entered into was actually like. Far different than that of our today. What I have learned is this …

The US president was Herbert Hoover (Republican). The Taming of the Shrew, directed by Sam Taylor, was one of the most viewed movies released in 1929. Just over a week later, it was Black Tuesday, the most devastating stock market crash in US history. This   the stock began the decade which became the great depression. These were the times my father was born into.

Times got better, he grew up, moved a few times, developed his career, a variety of interests and met my mother, got married, had three children, lost his wife far too early, retired and enjoyed two wonderful grandchildren. He was always present in our lives and his love was obvious. He was challenged by various illnesses in his later years and finally succumbed to them.

Being the consummate engineering type with exacting standards, Ron left us after spending exactly 82 years on this earth, he died one day shy of his 82nd birthday. He will be forever in my heart and truly the best father  and most wonderful man that I’ve ever known.

Happy Birthday, Dad – I am so glad that on that day 87 years ago you came into this world, that you were my father and that we had almost a half a century together.

You were gone too soon. But you will never be forgotten.Your examples and lessons will stay with me forever and I am grateful for your influence in my life. http://www.newediukfuneralhome.com/book-of-memories/1017444/Johannesson-Ronald-Charles/obituary.php


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