Dream Big

14.10.2016 – Day 288

Dream Big

big.jpgI’ve had some time while in Adelaide to listen to some of my favourite podcasts and some time to reflect.

I’m happy to report that I am currently the busiest I’ve been yet as an independent marcomms consultant here in Australia.  I have terrific clients who I am grateful to work with and I’m thrilled to help them grow.

It’s funny. I can rhyme off marketing goals, develop ideas and strategies and create business development campaigns  for my clients, but I so rarely do this for myself.

But it’s time to change that. It’s time to be a little less reactive and time to be more strategic and planful for myself and my own business.  I am inspired by this little dreamer and I’ve been inspired by the positivity of my clients.

So, today I spent time reflecting and brainstorming and have come up with my own marketing objectives for the balance of this calendar year and the whole of 2017.

I figure why not take a page from my clients and this little guy and dream big.

So I did!  I’d far rather aim high and miss the mark than aim low and make it.

I’d far rather aim high and miss the mark than aim low and make it.

Today I have set my top ten goals that address big dreams for sales, branding, product development, alternative revenue sources, strategic partnerships, and more proactive practices.




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