Freedom of Expression

12.10.2016 – Day 286

Freedom of Expression


It’s amazing how, when we’re much younger, we care so much about what others think. We think we should have a life that’s “normal” – one that is easily explained and understood.

It is equally amazing how most people grow out of this type of thinking. We do realize that it’s okay to be unpopular, especially if it means you are being more authentic. It’s okay, and even encouraged, to be different or unique. It’s okay to live a life that others don’t understand. The only important thing is that you do.

The true gift of maturity is learning who you really are, coming to terms with your reality and being authentic in living your unique life.

If there’s a treasured gift to aging it is this. as we age we become far more conscious of who we are and less influenced by others’ ideas of who that should be.

This is true freedom of expression.



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