Cured By Cute

08.10.2016 – Day 282

Cured By Cute


Isn’t it amazing how the right image can just evoke such a positive response, even when you’re in a foul mood.

As I type this, I’m out of sorts. It’s been a travel day, up at 5 am.  It’s grey and I’m hot one minute,  then I’m cold. My routine is anything but today. I was elbowed in the side for two hours on my flight to Adelaide and my poor husband has had to take the brunt of my resulting less than enjoyable mood.

Thankfully, I think things have turned around. We’re in our hotel room. I’m now sitting alone, not another person, except Chris, in sight, I’m listening to soothing music and hearing the ocean in the background. I’m grateful that I’m travelling with Chris, that we’re in a lovely spot and that we arrived safely. I can feel the negativity releasing.

Then I saw this face! How can you be in a bad mood when you’re looking at such cuteness? You can’t. Just like you can’t be grumpy for long in a sunny yellow room.

Thank you, you gloriously adorable little creature you. You brought a smile to my otherwise sour face today. Inspired by you, I shall now go out for a walk and let the sea breeze blow my hair around and I’ll wear a goofy grin inspired by your contagious happy little face. And, as Chris has been known to suggest. I will be of good cheer. I owe myself and him at least that and he gets a big apology too.

P. S. I am behind on my posts because it’s actually the 10th as I write this.


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