The Social Cycle

04.10.2016 – Day 278

The Social Cycle



Usually, I’m a pretty sociable person. If I’ve had a couple of wines, I’m a very sociable person. But, sometimes, some days, I just don’t have it in me to deal with the public, even friends.

The older I get the stronger and more frequent the urge occurs to just hide away in my comfy home and shut out the world and its craziness. No bad drivers, no rudeness, no smokers, no crying babies, no barking dogs, no idle chitchat, no nasty bosses, no dramas, no complaints, no gossiping, no name calling, none of it.

I find strength, focus, and serenity in my alone time.

Of course, this doesn’t last. I begin to crave interaction, FOMO kicks in, the curiosity factor has me longing to sociable again. So, I open the door and step back into the world. I reconnect with other humans, but I can’t help but think that if I hadn’t taken that break, I wouldn’t be quite so sociable.

I guess the break helps me to recharge my social batteries and it’s all part of why I call the social cycle.


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