More Crazy. Less Stupid.

01.10.2016 – Day 275

More Crazy. Less Stupid.


I’ve been known to do some crazy things, and yes, some stupid ones too. Thankfully the former far outnumber the latter.

Crazy  is better than stupid. Here’s why. Crazy is a conscious choice for most of us. (however, I do want to duly note here that mental illness is a serious illness and I don’t want to appear flip or disregard its seriousness) The “crazy” that I am referring to here is more like “zany”, “foolish”,  and “ridiculous” than “mad”, “insane” or “deranged”.

So, back to why crazy is better than stupid. It’s better because it’s usually fun. It’s playful. It’s amusing. It’s silly. It’s memorable and unpredictable. Stupid isn’t any of those things.


So, if you want to change things up a bit, maybe try being a little more “crazy”. Heaven knows there’s more than enough “stupid” to go around.


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