Phriday Phunny

30.09.2016 – Day 274

Phriday Phunny


The English language is not an easy one to master. Its difficulty is confounded by a number of variations, because why would there be just one English language? There’s American English and British English. There are different spellings of the same words and different words for the same thing.

Today I was writing copy for a client. They and their audience are located in Canada so they spell colour with the ‘u’. But, the question was, do they spell realisation with an ‘s’ or realization with a ‘z’? And if it’s a ‘z’ is it pronounced a zed or a zee?

These instances are all in a day’s work for me. I  gave it a quick Google to find the correct spelling. Which do you think it is?

While Canada uses the British version of just about everything else, for the word ‘realized’, it uses the American spelling using the ‘z’. Go figure!

Let’s all turn and wave at the aliens as they whiz right past us!



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