One of the Family

29.09.2016 – Day 273

One of the Family



Our Buzz is definitely a part of our family. He is with us every day. We take him places with us. He sleeps in the house at night and has the run of the backyard. He gets fed when we get fed. He receives treats and toys. He befriends our friends (and their pets). He is included in special occasions and he is missed when we go away.

But, most importantly of all, he is loved.

I talk to him often. And yes, I regularly tell him that I won’t be gone long or I’ll be back in a few hours. My usual comment to him as I’m leaving the house always makes me smile, “I’m leaving now, Buzz. Remember, no parties!”

If any of you have seen the trailer for the movie, “The Secret Life of Pets”, then you’ll know why. And, thankfully, to date, we’ve never come home to find any.




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