How Did We Get So Old?

20.09.2016 – Day 264

How Did We Get So Old?

oldperson.jpgI may not bump into a lot of people who I went to school with on the streets of Sydney, there is a little place called Facebook where I get a chance to catch up, reconnect and look back on simpler times with people who were there too. The one thing I continue to ponder, both on Facebook (and other social sites) and in person is how did we get to be so old so fast?

I don’t feel as old as I look and I suspect that I may be able to fib a little about my age and get away with it. I often wonder if we ever really feel our age or whether we just reach a certain level – be it in our 20’s, 30’s, or 40’s… and we just remain there psychologically.

Aging is a funny thing. Getting old is a reality we all must deal with. And if you’re finding it hard, perhaps you can appease yourself with this thought, “getting old is way better than getting dead.”

You can quote me on this one!




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