Go To The Source

17.09.2016 – Day 261

Go To The Source

talk-toHow true is this? So what problems would disappear? How about the problem of misinformation? When things are heard second or third hand often key details get lost. When someone relays a message from one person to another, it’s almost impossible to not apply their own filters to it.

I find it astounding how many people try to sort out an issue with one person by speaking to another about it. I know this may help the first person sort out their own feelings, thoughts, etc, but it’s still only half the picture. Anything the third party can bring to the discussion is only conjecture. They can’t offer any real truth¬†because it’s not about them.

If you have an issue with a person, talk to them and only them about it. Feelings, egos, and friendships all over get bruised by talking about rather than to each other. As adults we should be able to see the logic in going directly to the source. Doing anything else just risks adding fuel to the flame, creating misinformation, and incorrect interpretations.

So, the next time you’re tempted to talk about, rather than to, a person, try and stop yourself. If you have a question, a compliment, or an issue, go directly to the source.



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